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Assignment 1 - iTouch Articles

Assignment 2 - Podcast


I had students listen to this podcast on 21st century skills after recent classroom discussions on job skills for their generation. Students listened intently (and watched the corresponding video) and commented in writing as to how this vodcast connected with their recent activities as a group in class.


This is the National Public Radio technology podcast that I subscribe to and listen to in all my free time.

Assignment 3 - iTouch apps

Assignment 4 - podcast

Here is a podcast I shared with my kids after a group activity.
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Kids also shared their input on the activity in their own recordings:

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Assignment 5 - reflection

Assignment 6 - youtube

"The iSchool Initiative - Mobile Learning"

I think this is a great example of a st udent creating a project with real world connections.
He recognized a problem, devised a solution, and worked to communicate with the world to gain support.
He has gone so far to create his own school around the idea of mobile learning.

Assignment 7 - AudioBooks

FreeClassicAudioBooks.com - public domain books for download
http://alexwilson.com/telltale/ - nicely organized site of free and pay versions of audiobooks - you can search by release year, genre, subject, even price.

Perhaps it's only because I'm more accustomed to the iTunes store, but it seems as though that is such a convenient way to find, purchase, and download audio books and get them on the iPod. It makes the other websites seem rather archaic.

Assignment 8 - iTunes U

I have chosen to share links to student work because I have found classroom resources are limited to readings of stories or recorded lectures. I don't find that overly useful except perhaps in a guided study hall or remedial session where content needs to be repeated. In most cases, if a student wasn't able to access a classroom discussion, they are not going to be able to gain much from watching a video version of mostly the same content.
The entire way the lesson is presented needs to be revamped for some, whether that means making it more tactile, simplified into more pieces, connecting to something relevant in his or her life, or something more.

Here is a link to student modernization of a part of Romeo and Juliet:

I think this is a model of what we should (and will) see more of on iTunes - including the potential to rate the work and comment for the author.