This is a story about the good life.

Once upon a time they was a guy named Robbie and he was obsessed with Tech Decking. He liked to skate board even though he still practicing he practices all the time. He likes making ramps out of paper for his tech decks and even makes his own paper Tech Decks. One day this boy named Dom, who just started liking tech decks, met Robbie in the Tech Deck section at Wal-Mart. Dom was sort of a copy cat kind of guy but I dont mind because we are all good friends in one big school. We try to sneak tech decks past Mr. Malcore because he will take them because he says he "loves" tech decks even though he just says that to take them away and bam, detention! All thoe he gets into detention alot he never goes to it because him and some other kids Tech Deck at home. You'd love to see Mr. Malcore and his wife play Tech Decks! What fun they have!!! Soon their little girl, Cali, will get to play with so many Tech Decks, she won't know what to do with herself! She's going to be so spoiled.

Anyway, back to Robbie. He really does make the coolest Tech Decks out of paper - you should see those ramps! Mr. Malcore only allowed the ramps to be made so he could eventually add them to his collection of stuff. With all the decks he's collected now he must need some new challenge to add to the fun. But we will get them Back so he pulled them a prank he put glue and nacho sauce on his chair the kid sat and everybody saw so he cried and went home to change his pants. The teacher found out how did that and they got expelled from school.. and they love that they don't have to got to school no more because its really boring for them. so they lived the rest of their lives living with their parents. doing nothing except watching t.v. He ended up winning the lottery and instead of spending the money on something stupid, he spends it on a few things. He buys a house, a car, new clothes, and invests in real skateboarding equipment and becomes a pro skateboarder. He always invites his friend Dom over. He donates all his autographed Tech Decks to unfortunate kids.