Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre was an attack on colonist civilians by British troops on March 5, 1770 that helped spark the American Revolutionary War.

The Boston Massacre was fighting. It all started when a colonist rang a fire alarm and everyone ran out into the street. The colonists started arguing with the British soldiers by saying some nasty things. About 100 colonists were going towards the King's tax money, Which was in the Custom house. The British soldiers said that the colonists were trying to break into the Customs house. The colonists were throwing snowballs and wielding clubs. The British soldiers had guns with bayonets. The colonists were provoking the soldiers by saying things like "Come on, you rascals," And "Fire if you dare!" The British captain, Thomas Preston, was trying to break up the riot. A soldier fired upon the colonists. Once one shot rang out, the rest of the soldiers began to fire. Three colonists were killed immediately by the gunfire. After about 7 or 8 shots were fired, the shooting ceased. Captain Preston asked the soldiers why they fired. They replied by saying they thought they heard him say "fire!" When all was done, six had died and five more were injured.

Captain Preston wrote a letter to the King of England telling his point of view. Below is a picture which matches up closely with his account.
external image 1770_boston_massacre_engraving_2.jpg

This picture below was the colonists' point of view. It was done by Paul Revere, who was not at the Massacre.
external image 350px-Boston_Massacre.jpg

These are our pictures of what we think happened at Boston on the day of the Boston Massacre.

Our sources are from a letter of Thomas Preston to the king and the article about the massacre from the Boston gazette. We compared the two sources to get the information that is on this site.

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