iPad Apps for Educational Use

1) Mover - free or paid versionmover-app-1.jpg
any content created by students can be turned in with Mover. Students simply hold the home and power buttons simultaneously for a split second and a screen shot is taken of the work. They then open Mover and add that picture file to the table, then send to neighboring iPads, iPod touch, or computer with the Mover program installed.

Words-with-friends-app-logo.png2) Words with Friends - free with ads
Student can use downtime during class to play this Scrabble-based game with classmates, teacher, or random opponents, building word skills. Students could play one-on-one or create teams of two to three to play against other teams.

eclickerhost-iphone-114188.185x185.1261646883.24902.jpg3) eClicker - $10
This works like a standard classroom response system. Student can use iPad or iPod touch with the eClicker app (free) installed and results are sent to the eClicker host ($10). Responses are aggregated in graphical format and can be shared via e-mail. Supports up to 64 clients on iPad and 32 clients on the iPod touch.

mzl.bkrdwnzd.480x480-75.jpg4) Puppet Pals - free ($4 to upgrade)
Students record their voices live and move characters on the screen. This can be used to do oral plot summaries of stories, demonstrate concepts to an audience, and create social stories, or whatever you could imagine. Does not support export of video files in any way at this point. A teacher would need to physically record the screen to share the video file.

original.png5) This Day in History - free
TDiH shows significant historical events that occurred on this day in the past. This could be a warm up activity once a week: students use the first 5-10 minutes of the class to find an interesting event and explain to a peer. Teacher could also have this app projected on screen for students to see as they come in the door - a potential conversation starter.

mzl.onwfzlli.175x175-75.jpg6) TuneMaker - free to try
Simple music creation app that uses the non-dissonant tones of the pentatonic scale in a variety of synthesized instruments to allow the user to create original songs. I could see this effectively calming an upset student in need of some time away from peers (taking into consideration the child and if they can handle a $500 toy when upset). The repetitive nature of the rhythm and pentatonic melodies tend to have that soothing effect.

UzuIcon.jpg7) uzu - $.99
A multi-touch app that uses small pixels that appear to float around randomly until a touch is applied. Different numbers of touch points result in different behaviors of the colored pixels. This app is a shoe in for learning the scientific method. Students can hypothesize what might happen if they touch the screen in a different way or with more fingers, then consider why the pixels behave the way they do.

Evernote_Icon_256.jpg8) Evernote - free
This app is a way to store notes, audio files, or documents on a internet server. Files are synced when internet connection is available and can be access via any computer with internet access. Files can also be created on the computer and later accessed with the iPad (assuming they are compatible with the iPad). This app can be used for student podcasts or voice recordings, along with more basic word processing situations.

mzi.frvqfcyv.jpg9) Sundry Notes - free
Take notes on a variety of paper types and keep several pages per note. Connect with DropBox, Evernote, GoogleDocs, Facebook, etc. I can see students connecting their classwork with their social lives in Facebook. The ability to write notes on graph paper also makes this useable for math classes. Notes can be saved to a server and downloaded at home on a desktop computer with Internet. No need to have the iPad at home. Notes can be presented via VGA output.

396306670_icon100.png10) Phoster $1.99
Students and teachers can create slick posters to use for upcoming social events or fundraisers. The unique templates give advertising a fresh look. This is a simple interface without the distractions that a desktop application would have for students as they work.

iPad Apps for Personal Use

amazon_kindle_icon.jpg1) Amazon Kindle and WindowShop
I use WindowShop to search for anything Amazon sells, including books. Once books are purchased, they can be shared with 5 other Kindle users. Annotations made on the Kindle can be synced and shared with others or continued on another machine.

icon_weather_channel.png2) Weather Channel
I use this app every day in summer when I am roofing. At the most basic level, it is a weather forecaster. The interface has a lot of information related to different outdoor activities. In addition, there are more detailed pieces of weather information for those like me who enjoy knowing humidity and dew point and allergy information and UV index and more...

395691569_icon100.png3) App Lab
This is a free app that shows how to write code for HTML5 (which includes language for the accelerometer and touch functionality of the iPod touch and iPad). I have an interest in writing an app (it's a dream) and this is an excellent connection between the visual and the code.

lrg.jpg 4) TED
This app is a quick reference to all the technology that is shared at the TED (technology, entertainment, design) talks. I find myself getting lost in the latest ideas, and TED videos include amazing examples of ingenuity. There is also a feature called "inspire me" where I can choose a topic and the amount of time I have available and it gives me four videos that match the criteria.

pandora-app.jpg5) Pandora
This app started as a web radio station that "plays only music I like." It takes elements of music that I enjoy and finds new artists and songs that have similar qualities, thus helping me find new artists I've never heard of but do enjoy. This app cannot run in the background while using other apps (unless iPad is jailbroken and using multitasking app).